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NAVIGATION STUDIO is the original suite of navigation tools and systems designed to completely-overhaul the Unity Editor (and Game World!) navigation experiences, with a laser-focused eye toward effortless world-editing and design processes for large or complex game worlds!

Not only does it entirely change the way you move around your Unity scenes by offering comfortable, direct, viewport navigation controls, it also offers other highly-innovative navigation options (including its own namesake "Snap" points -- which zip you across to any point in your world, no matter how far away or in how tight of a spot it happens to be!), using nothing more than a click (Grid Navigator) or a flick of the wrist (Snap Navigator)! The included "Navigators" that enable this functionality can be quickly customized to allow you to move around exactly the way you'd want, leading to a custom navigation style that ultimately suits the specific editing AND visualization needs of your game AND your favorite plugins!!

Snapcam NAVIGATION STUDIO can even be used in large 2D isometric or orthographic games like Metroidvanias, epic topdown RPGs, First Person Shooters (FPS), or anything with large expansive worlds or tight geometry you need to navigate around quickly and easily.

The highly non-intrusive "Snap camera" is the new standard for instantaneous viewport navigation, but that is only ONE navigation system. NAVIGATION STUDIO offers so much more by offering a whole suite of "Navigators" that aim to make every aspect of game visualization a breeze for you.


Here are some of them:

The ORIGINAL -- "Snap Navigator" -- This window is where you will create the "snap" points in your scene. These important camera positions ("snaps") are locations in your scene where you will likely want to return to often. The "snaps" can also be previewed (and managed!) in this window via a simple right-click. The snaps here are also used by the "Grid Navigator" feature below to provide both a quick visual overview (and immediate access!) to all your snaps simultaneously!

"Grid Navigator" -- A temporary (or permanent!) popup window that looks like a security-guard monitoring station that can be popped-up at anytime (at any place on your screen) that, when clicking on any of the "monitors", it will bring you to any location in your scene at a moment's notice -- all this via a single popup / toggle key. (See the video showcasing it in action!)

"View Navigator" -- This "Navigator" is everything you've ever dreamed of for viewport camera control. It allows you to dolly-zoom or fly your viewport around freely while also being extremely controllable. Flythrough mode (the default) allows one to easily slowdown (for narrow corridors) or speedup (for huge distances) using the mousewheel. It's possible to fly in reverse too. And for greater control, you can (temporarily) completely stop w/right-click, and drag (to look around) to reorient yourself while flying through a tight corridor, then release right-click to continue flight. This windowless Navigator also enables orbit controls around any selected gameobject to allow you to view it from any angle or distance (all controllable by the mouse!) Oh, and it also lets you zoom in/out in Iso/Orthographic mode (which is not possible using the standard Unity viewport controls)!


Snapcam NAVIGATION STUDIO is designed to be comfortable to use, get you where you need to go, and then get outta your way! -- Try it once -- you won't go back to Unity's navigation controls ever again!!