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Old Brick House

This package contains a fully furnished, two-story vintage house with a unique, back-to-the-past vibe. Great choice for exploration, story-telling or horror games.

The house doors/gates, lightswitches are all pre-animated and scripted for an out-of-box experience.

- High-res procedurally generated PBR texture maps (metallic workflow)
- 280 detailed props (furniture, appliances and many more)
- Optimized and configured collision model
- Carefully unwrapped UV1 for artifact-free lightmap support
- Demo scene with properly set up lighting
- Baked-in animations for all doors/fence gates/trapdoor + ladder, attic windows, light switches
- Post-processing behavior profile with LUT included
- URP and HDRP upgrade packs are included!

Need more? Check out Garage Workshop pack to extend this environment with 150 HQ props!
Scripts are provided to interact with the house - all you need is a controller with a camera to run the demo scene.

You can customize the house by adding your own texture sets to any part of it!

Trees and grass are not included, they are Unity's default SpeedTrees (Standard assets/Environment).

Complete scene vertex count: 500k

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out via e-mail.