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Sci-fi NPCs 2 SALE

* Black Friday & Cyber Moday sales [20th - 30th Nov, 2020] 17% OFF *

High quality Sci-fi NPCs 2 models with PBR ready materials and textures, they are rigged and game ready. [This is the 2nd edition of "Sci-fi NPCs"].

* Ver 1.2 Updates : Added HDRP and LWRP/URP Support (Custom Shader Graphs, Prefabs, Materials and required Textures included). *

* You can also check out the latest version here. *

It contains:-

Sci-fi NPC 2 Humanoid.
Sci-fi Quad Robot. [ + Control Rig Maya LT File ]
Sci-fi Rifle.
Sci-fi Rocket launcher.
Sci-fi Machine Gun.

Level Of Details:
- LOD 1 - Over 31K triangle.
- LOD 2 - Over 29K triangle.
- LOD 3 - Over 28K triangle.

Animations [ Mecanim support ] included are:

- Rifle idle.
- Rifle run.
- Rifle kneel idle.
- Reloading.
- Death from front headshot.
- Crouch rapid fire.
- Walking to dying.
- Strafe.
- Strafe left.
- Firing rifle.
- Rifle crouch walk.
- Rifle walk.
- Rifle run.
+ Weapon animations.

* Custom albedo maps variants included.
* Muzzle flash particle effect included.
* For ease of use there are prefabs.

* Models:
- Sci-fi NPC Humanoid + Rifle(over 24k)verts.
- Sci-fi Quad Robot (over 13k)verts.
- Sci-fi Rifle (over 5k)verts.
- Sci-fi Rocket Launcher + Missiles (over 7k)verts.
- Sci-fi Machine Gun (over 7k)verts.

* Textures resolution : 2048x2048 & 4096x4096
* Textures: Albedo map, Normal map, Metallic+Smoothness map, Emission map, Occlusion map.

*Please the Sci-fi Quad Robot Control Rig Maya LT file can be found in the Extras folder

Feel Free to contact me if you have any questions.