Large File Downloader - Cross Platform

Large File Downloader is a cross platform plugin for unity to download any file from web and save to disk. This is working on all tested platform without any problems.

This plugin is tested on MAC, Windows PC, Android, iOS.


- Download small & large files (in GBs) from web.

- Supports secure version of HTTP (https).

- Add HTTP header.

- Download files in queue.

- Callbacks for download & progress events.

- Fully managed code.

- Easy to integrate & well documented.

- No memory leaks, no crashes.

Here are some useful links for Demos and Documents.


Demo APK

Demo Window PC

Demo OSX

Also see this blog to follow the Large File Downloader plugin updates and user feedbacks..

Please drop me a email if you have any query regarding:

- General query

- Pre order enquiry

- Support request

- Other requests