AnyUI - Map Your UI On Any 3D Surface

PLEASE NOTE: This asset has been released on github. We recommend to download it from there.

Display Unity UI on any 3D object in your scene!

Perfect for VR UI, including curved UI screens, hemispheres or globes.

Interact with the UI via the object. Use all features from the Unity UI system and design your UI as always.

Every interaction on the "Any UI" object is transferred to the 2D UI canvas.

Transfer the position of canvas elements into 3D space - for example to enable particle effects on your AnyUI object, or to spawn 3D labels at the exact position.

Open Online Documentation

✔ Perfect for VR interfaces!
✔ Project UI on any uv mapped surface!
✔ with VRTK integration! Interact with your custom shaped GUI in Virtual Reality!
✔ Design as usual on a 2D canvas.
✔ propagates input events on the 3D object back to the Unity UI
✔ Canvas to worldspace : translates canvas 2D positions into 3D space onto an AnyUI enabled object
✔ works with the Unity Standalone Input Module
✔ simple to use: drop two scripts, one onto the 3D object and one onto the Unity UI Canvas (replace the GraphicRaycaster)
✔ example scenes and documentation
✔ Unity UI Canvas is already visible on the 3D object during Edit Mode (to ease GUI design)

All 3D files and scenes from screenshots and video included.