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Corgi Engine + Handcrafted Art - 2D Platformer Mega Bundle

Top selling 2D background designer Alien Nude and More Mountains, the creator of the Corgi Engine and the Infinite Runner Engine, are proud to present their joint venture : Corgi Engine + Handcrafted Art - 2D Platformer Mega Bundle.

Combining the complete Corgi Engine asset with 8 full high quality background packs, this bundle contains everything you need to create your own 2D platformer game. It comes complete with 8 demo scenes showcasing how you can combine the power of the Corgi Engine with the beauty of Alien Nude's art.

The Bundle contains all the following assets :

- 2D+2.5D Platformer Corgi Engine
- 2D Desert Pack - Handcrafted Art
- 2D Graveyard Pack - Handcrafted Art
- 2D Jungle Pack - Handcrafted Art
- 2D Lava Land - Handcrafted Art
- 2D Microcosm - Handcrafted Art
- 2D Under Water Pack - Handcrafted Art
- 2D Xeno Alien Planet Pack - Handcrafted Art

If you already own the Corgi Engine, you can upgrade to this Bundle for a discounted price.

The Corgi Engine is the most complete platformer solution for Unity.
It's a tight (non physics based controls) character controller for your game. It's very fast and works on desktop, mobile, and anywhere you want. Packed with features and constantly updated, it's the best tool to create the 2D + 2.5D platformer or run & gun game you want!

Combined, Alien Nude's background packs offer 630 high quality sprites, 10 different scenes, and an infinity of possible combinations.

More about the Corgi Engine :

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