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This is a final version pack "Dungeon". It contains props for building dungeons and creating halls and corridors. Also it includes such props as a table, a barrel, a chest, a wall torch, a part of the cage and a wooden detail, new columns parts, new warehouse things and a lot of unique models. The pack includes 116 prefabs. The materials for the models in this package use PBR (albedo, metal, normal).

2.0 version contains:
- 82 meshes (fbxes), and their variations
- HQ textures 2048x2048 for each model
including Normal Map and unique images created in Substance Painter
- Prefab for each model with set mesh
colliders and some modular prefabs
Prefabs total - 116 pcs
- Material for each model
- Bonus material created in Substance
Designer. Two configs of this material.
- One more simple scene with all props
from ver. 1.0, ver. 1.1, ver 1.2 and ver. 2.0
Total number of the unique meshes is

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In the video presentation the following settings and prefabs from Standard Asset by Unity3d are used:

- Fire Particles
- Global Fog
- Depth of Field
- Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
- Vignette and Chromatic Aberration
- Sun Shafts
- Crease Shading
- Bloom
- Motion Blur
- Tonemapping