Traffic Ride Template

Works well on Unity 5 , Unity 2017 , Unity 2018, Unity 2019 and Unity 2020 and all LTS versions

**Added UPR update. Import from URP folder after importing this package.
** Contact me to get older unity version updates (2017,2018,2019) :

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!!! NEW UPDATE : Added a lot features, fixed all bugs !!!, improved graphics, added new models

This is an complete traffic riding game template that's designed to helps you easily make your own traffic rider style game for different platforms.

Well designed different part of the template to helps you easily understand each part and customize its to your needs.

You can easily add new bikes and customize road prefab parts with your favorite design.

Optimized to run on all devices from low-end to high end plus multi platform input for Touch and Keyboard controlling.

Download Android APK

- Complete gameplay and control types
- Optimized very well
- Complete game template with complete UI and score management
- Bike selection
- Level selection
- 4 different game modes
- Easy to use
- Easy to reskin or redesign (Customize)
- High quality low poly models
- Optimized very well
- Touch and Keyboard controls (Auto switch)
- Customized road shader
- Free beautiful traffic car models
- Garage scene with bike and level selection
- 3 type of levels (Desert,Snow,Jungle)

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