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Third Person Controller - Shooter Template

After more then 1 year building up a solid base with the [ Basic Locomotion ] and the
[ Melee Combat ] we finally publish our most requested template

Invector's Shooter Template is inspired by AAA shooters and include all the features of the Basic & Melee template, plus:

- ThirdPerson, TopDown or 2.5D Shooter
- Fire Weapons
- Projectile bullets with trail renderer
- Throwing objects with Trajectory system (granade, bottles, etc..)
- Melee attacks for fire weapons
- Advanced damage based on distance & velocity
- Decal for projectiles based on tags (different materials)
- Advanced Scope View
- Aiming System with dispersion, range, shot frequency, recoil, etc...
- Particles to emitt on attack

- Archery System included


NO DLL's, all the scripts are open, commented and ready to modifications.

- Playmaker
- Adventure Creator
- Final IK
- Emerald AI
- Cinemachine
- DestroyIt
- EasySave2
- Horse Animset Pro
- Gaia
- Morph 3D
- Dialogue System
- And more coming!

Demo scenes include: - Basic 3rd Person, 2.5D, Isometric, TopDown, MeleeCombat, Shooter, StaticCameras vMansion, and more...