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Big Universal Music Collection (Positive, Dramatic, Inspiring, Romantic)

Part of Total Music Collection - Huge music collection for any project!
6GB+ of high quality audio, 300+ different music tracks, loops and mote!

Universal Music Collection is the BIG LIBRARY of High Quality music!
- 50 Different tracks.
- High Quality MP3 and WAV.
- Loops and more.

Epic, dramatic, romantic, positive, inspiring, motivational and more! Fresh and energetic melodies for your projects!


BONUS! Remasters (Commercial Pop Music)

Epic, Dramatic, Motivational:
Cinematic Inspirational Music Vol.1
Cinematic Inspirational Music Vol.2

Positive, Inspiring, Pop:
Positive Pop Music Pack Vol.1
Positive Pop Music Pack Vol.2

Romantic, Sentimental, Emotional:
Lyric and Cute Piano Music Pack
Sentimental and Romantic Music Pack
Beautiful and Emotional Music Pack

If you want original soundtrack for your project write me e-mail: andysv88@gmail.com