Forester: Easy Forest Creation

Forester is a tool for creating procedural based forests straight in Unity's editor.  The tool is easy to use and very quick to implement. It differs from other foliage tools in that it focuses less on randomisation and more on design.

You can custom create your own forest presets and implement custom particle systems to very swiftly change the feel of your environment. 

The current tool supports creating a forest from custom presets,satellite objects, particles, wind direction, easy expansion of areas post creation and tools for adding vertex colors to models straight in Unity.

Using ForestScape you can now fill an entire terrain with forests with ease.

Examples and Documentation are provided to ensure that you can get creating as quick as possible. But if you need further support then please feel free to message me. Equally so if you would like to see any features included in future versions.

I have received some really helpful feedback from some kind people and i will now be incorporating some of those ideas into future releases, thanks for the support.

NOTE that as of 1.3.6 i will no longer be supporting versions before 2018.3, this is due to the widening gap in changes and to speed up ongoing development.