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HQ Suburban House

This bundle contains a suburban scene, a two-story home filled with more than 200, carefully detailed, high-quality interactive props.

Video || Sketchfab Gallery

- High-quality PBR textures (metallic workflow), procedurally generated/baked off high-poly models
- All doors/windows, cabinet doors, drawers, knobs, switches, etc. are separated and pivoted properly for realistic interactions
- Every model comes with colliders, LOD models provided (prefabbed and organized in folders), ready for drag and drop use
- Carefully unwrapped secondary UV channels for proper lightmap support for Enlighten
- Customization: Tiling materials are kept separate, so you can assign your own texture sets to them (walls, floors, ceiling.) You can also change color on many objects using the provided shader
- HDRP and URP upgrade packs are included for Unity 2019.3.7 and up!

House parts are separated, so you can easily toggle rooms and complete floors for top-down view.

Target platforms: PC/MAC/Consoles
(Not suitable for mobile)
Performance info:
House triangle/vertex count: ~40k
Car: ~30k
Complete demo scene: ~300k

Works well together with HQ Residential House.

For the video, I used my Residential Buildings in the background along with SpeedTrees provided by Unity in the Standard Assets package.

If you have any questions in regards with this product, don't hesitate to contact me!

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