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Federation Destroyer K2

This Original package contains one “Destroyer”. Updated version, Added scheme colors, weapons, now textures are PBR ready.

Add a professional touch to your SciFi VideoGame project with this original low poly model.

Set of one Spaceship (FBX model). No animated parts, script or LOD. Included Weapons, see previews.

Poly Counts: Polys/8.706 - Verts/9.416 - Tris/16.592 With no duplicated parts.

_Textures included (Tiff):

_4 differents color schemes / PBR Materials (see previews)

_4 Diffuse maps 4096x4096

_1 Normal maps 4096x4096

_1 Glow (Emission) map 4096x4096

_1 Roughness map 4096x4096

_1 Metallic map 4096x4096

_1 AO map 4096x4096

_Weapons have 1024x1024 maps.

_Included 4096x4096 PSD file, you can customize colors, remove stripes, add your own logos, remove or add dirts & more.