Translucent Image - Fast UI Background Blur

Translucent Image helps you build beautiful blurred background UI, like those found in iOS/macOS/Windows 10 Fluent design.

Unlike many other background blurring solutions, Translucent Image employs an extremely efficient algorithm, so your user can enjoy higher framerates and longer battery life. Not only that, it can produce a deliciously smooth effect when you tune the blur up high, unlike many others that would degrade to ugly blocky artifacts.

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» Features Highlight «

- Fastest blur effect on the Asset Store.

- High-quality, smooth blur effect.

- Maintain similar looks across different resolutions.

- Easy to use with tight Editor integration.

- Fully customizable, not only blurriness, but also include many more effects to make your UI even more delightful to use.

- Support normal UI features you expect, like Sliced sprite, Masking, Canvas Group,...

- Support Single Pass Instanced Stereo Rendering

- Fully documented, source code included.


- Support Built-in Render Pipeline

- Support Universal Render Pipeline:

   - URP with the Universal Renderer is fully supported.

   - URP with the 2D Renderer is supported in Unity versions that doesn't have this bug.

- Does not support High Definition Render Pipeline


- There're some caveats with world space UI, more here.

- While the asset is much faster than others, blurring is still a demanding effect, so it might not run smoothly on weaker devices, more here.

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