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Ojya Leaderboard is maybe the most complete-powerful leaderboard solution, Facebook-host or SQL-host, iOS-Android-Facebook Gameroom for Unity.
Brings for the first time facebook leaderboard functions to a higher level in gaming.

It offers the most advanced levels-score-bonus mechanism and sharing features for gaming and for the first time the core of the score management is inside the game.

Using the latest facebook API and SDKs you are in compliant with the facebook policies for the appevents, facebook analytics.
OjyaLeaderboard V4-V5 uses the exclusive SQL-Score mechanism.
Setup in only 3 min.

Ojyaleaderboard has the most rich and detailed posts to timeline, than any other facebook asset.

Ojya Leaderboard introduces a unique method of creating Facebook leaderboards.

It goes far beyond compared to other leaderboards, like google-leaderboards , as it has more features and is more customizable by the user , about the algorithms of the scores. You are not constrain of a certain score mechanism 3rd party leaderboards offer you.

With all these features and easy to configure, you can start right away using your Facebook leaderboard in your game.

We provided a slim designed UI , but still powerful and finished, so you can start using the leaderboard right away.

Using the Unity's advanced and simple Canvas UI system , it is really quick and simple to change the graphics of the Ojya leaderboard for your needs.

Ojya Leaderboard is released and tested for 1 year and a half in other game machines, so it is now really mature and without errors for Unity.

* Login to facebook
* Facebook host-only server for data store(depreciated) or sql database with your hosting server.
* Level-score-bonus error-free score engine
* Share score information with Facebook friends and now also with all game users installed the game (selectable)- with both score mechanisms.
* User configurable of keeping highest score or not of each level
* Advanced off-line score mechanism
* Sharing bonus-items with other players
* Challenge -post to facebook friends wall
* Celebrate victory and post to facebook wall
* Cache mechanism for faster and updated design
* Dialog windows popup for every status of the leaderboard
* Multiple Facebook users accounts support on playing.
* Multiple leaderboards now is possible, each with levels-score-bonus information.
* Ojya custom JsonParse c# methods
* Advanced mechanism that understands every possible playing situation: no internet connection, automatic attempts retrieving data, data - score server situation etc
* Unicode support, for displaying foreign languages Facebook user names.
* Uses only standard Opengraph actions and objects. Very simple for review with API 2.8 and above.
* 3 Ojya Editor panels for setting up OjyaLeaderboard easily and performing also other tasks.
* Plug and play

Note: OjyaLeaderboard is made as the core mechanism of your leaderboard. Graphics on this project are made for testing purpose. Feel free to create your own's or change ours.

Version 5.2

** Due to facebook depreciations from July 2019 Ojyaleaderboard uses only the SQL-Score mechanism. **

Compatible with Unity 5.6.0f3 , 2018.3 f2, 2019.2, 2019.4.13 TLS, Facebook-Unity-SDK 7.18.1

Facebook API 9 and FB SDKs 8 for iOS and Android

For iOS , Android

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