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GYA v3 - Package Import & Management for UnityPackages

Multi-Platform: OS X, Windows, Linux
Works with: Unity 5 - 2019

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-- New In GYA v3:
3rd-Party Integration:
Package2Folder - Import to user selectable folder

Collection (Package/Folder) indexing
Improved UI/Scroll View handling.
Numerous other internal optimizations.
GYA v3 easily handles 10k+ packages.

Improved 'User Folder' & 'Group' management.
Improved 'Preference' handling.
Version lock packages to Groups.
Improved multi-version display/handling.
Quick Access Toolbar.

'Purchased Assets' list handling.
Includes detection of 'Deprecated' & 'Not Downloaded' assets from the Asset Store, sorting by Purchase Date, etc.

-- From GYA v2:
Easily manage your assets (*.unityPackages).
Groups, Favorites and File handling (Copy/Move/Delete).
Export CSV Asset Lists.
Assignable User Asset folders.
Single & Multiple asset import.
Handles Asset Store & Exported packages.
Fast Search & Sort.
Automatically finds and shows Old Versions.
Show all available versions when selecting an Asset.
Consolidate (Move & Rename) Old Assets.
Direct access to Asset Folders.
Direct access to Asset URLs.
Persist mode: Maintain a copy of itself in the Standard Assets folder.