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Custom. Female Soldier 2 (Modern Style)

Compatible With Mecanim
49 Animations
You can customize the character and weapons changing textures and parts.
Fully Rigged Character
Female Soldier Body: 3212 polys
4 different types of hair: 1674 Polys
Glasses: 566 Polys
Pistol: 356 Polys
Pistol Holster: 404 Polys
Thigh Rig: 1037 Polys
2 Mag Holster: 2716 Polys
Pistol: 1140 Polys
Assault Rifle: 3698 Polys
Soldier Textures: 4096x4096, 13 different Cloth Colors, 6 different Props Colors and 2 Skin Textures, Normal Map . 2048x2048 Metallic and Occlusion Plus 8 emmisive maps
Rifle Textures: 5 Different Albedo (Colors) Normal, Metallic and Occlusion 2048x2048,
Pistol Textures: 6 Different Colors, Normal, Metallic and Occlusion 2048x2048
For requests or critique, email me: eldanu1@gmail.com