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Warbow Plus is more than just a historically accurate 3D model of a heavy longbow It is a complete framework for FPS utilizing this amazing weapon which includes physics and complete functionality of a full fledge FPS game.

Warbow Plus is full system major framework and you can build a full fledged FPS game with just a few additions on your part, or it can be plugged right into your own current project with ease.

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-Advanced A.I. Archer Turrets( with Angle Volley Fire when not in enclosed position, turret obstruction modifiers, target obstruction modifiers, suppressive fire A.I., etc.) -Modular stone Buildings ( Towers, Castle, DropLoop Arrow Slits) -Realistic Projectile physics( Arrows break don't stick when hitting hard surface i.e. stone) -Fire Arrows
-Nighttime w/ realistic Skybox
- Ammo System
- Player Damage System with GUI Systems
- Bullet Cam (w/ Enable and Disable Functioning)
- Volley Fire System
- Full Source Code( Exposed and Commented to easily allow change or integration)