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VIDE Dialogues

Easily create dialogues with VIDE's powerful editor and use them with your custom GUI! This plugin is designed to be versatile and give you full control over the dialogue data you pass. Use the API to create your own UIManager or use one of the included templates. Learn more.

Key features:

- Intuitive dialogue editor
- Add sprites, audios, text, tags, and more
- Manipulate dialogue during runtime
- NPC and Player-styled nodes
- Multiple comments per node
- Multiple media per comment
- Limitless, multiple-choice comments
- Call your in-game methods
- Not limited to conversations only
- Static or instanced data managers
- Customizable editor skins
- Built-In localization system
- Compatible with all GUI plugins
- Compatible with most localization plugins
- Custom API to create your UI Managers that comunicate with VIDE
- All source code in C#

The package comes with 6 example scenes, full documentation, and multiple example scripts. It also has a template UI manager script that you can use to get you started without needing to code!

Example scenes:
- Third person with NPCs
- Minimal setup with GUI class
- Built-in Localization
- Multiple instances
- Narration with choices
- Template dialogue test scene

You can do a lot with VIDE! Check out the scripting tutorial to help you write your own UI managers!

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