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Sinister - Soundscape + Music Cues

A horror-themed soundscape generator element, that comes together with a series of music and sound effects cues.

The soundscape generator comes in the form of a prefab you can just add to your scenes. The generator will procedurally generate the soundscape by playing the ambiences (made of layers, that you can easily mix to your preferences), and also by taking care of playing the cues (events or music).
You can play them using the public PlayCue method, or let the generator play them randomly (for music cues only).

Listen to preview here

You can also change the ambiences and cues tracks, and have as many as you want, adding them to the predefined arrays (events and music).
Or you can even use the loops and cues with your own code, as normal audio files.

* 6 AMBIENCE LOOPS: 2 basic layers, 1 presences layer, 1 noise layer, 1 drama layer and 1 full loop (in case you don’t need layers)


* 13 MUSIC CUES (about 6 minutes of music)

A total of 31 tracks (wav files)



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