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Cinematic Inspirational Music SALE

⚡50% OFF SALE (Regular price: $10)!⚡

Part of Total Music Collection - Huge music collection for any project!
8GB of high quality audio, 400+ different music tracks, loops and mote!

Cinematic Inspirational Music
Powerful, epic, moving and inspirational high quality cinematic music pack!

Future releases will be included in this collection as Free Updates!

5 TRACKS INCLUDED (with loop versions)

* Time of Heroes (MP3, WAV, +2 Loops)
* Changes (MP3, WAV, +2 Loops)
* Dreams of Glory (MP3, WAV, +3 Loops)
* Go to Success (MP3, WAV, +Loop)
* Hope (MP3, WAV, +2 Loops)

If you want original soundtrack for your project write me e-mail: andysv88@gmail.com