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Terrain Tools

Terrain Tools (previously known as Tom's Terrain Tools - Latest versions will be published under this account instead of the original)

Use distribution maps you have created in dedicated 3rd party tools (like WorldMachine) and apply them to the terrain in Unity with few clicks. With incremental splatmapping, you can start from scratch or add and improve to your existing terrain.
You can import maps for texturing, trees and forests, grass and details and even create entire terrains from nothing using the AutoMagic feature.
- This plugin does not generate random terrains, you will need to use 3rd party software like World Machine to generate height map, splatmaps, treemaps, grassmaps etc. - If you already purchased this plugin from https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/527 then email me to get latest version (also I can then give free coupons to access this asset, but coupons are limited to 12 per year, first come first served) Feedback / Support / Requests:
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