Ultimate FPS Weapons Pack

22 triple A quality weapon models and textures for your Unity project!

What's in it?

A long time in the making and brought to you by Senior Ubisoft 3D Artist Tim "ChamferZone" Bergholz, you’re looking at a total of 22 modern firearm weapons for your Unity FPS project. View the guns in 3D and see more images on www.chamferzone.com where you will also find in depth video tutorials on how to create your own weapons.

The intended usage for the models and its textures are first person shooters.

High resolution textures exported out of Substance Painter. Materials, meshes and texture names follow an easy to understand naming convention. Every element per weapon which requires animation has been detached and given the proper name. Each weapon material has the same name as the textures for it. You can downscale the textures from 4K to 2K or 1K depending on your needs, you'll get the highest resolution to decide for yourself.

Important note: Rig, animations, arms or sounds are not included! Weapon models and textures only.

Technical Notes:

Texture Size: 4096x4096 (mostly), 2048x2048, 1024x1024
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Collision: Automatically Generated
Vertex Count all 23 weapons:
189177 Average of 8500 per weapon.
LODs: None.
Intended Platform: Desktop
Platforms Tested: Desktop

Naming Conventions:
WPN_ = Weapon Mesh
WPNM_ = Weapon Material
WPNT_ = Weapon Texture

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