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Urban Underground

Urban Underground is a massive and comprehensive subway construction set that delivers over 200, ready to use prefabs including modular meshes, props, decals and more, that you can use to build and populate complete scenes in Unity.

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- 6 different station styles to choose from
- Enterable, detailed railcar + coach car
- Decals, props, set dressing geometry, audio clips
- Customizable text overlays and emissive signage (.psd layers and text fields provided)
- Station name generator substance for unique look for each station*
- PBR materials (metallic workflow)
- High-res textures (hand sculpted and/or procedurally generated, no image based ones)
- LOD groups, extra UV channel for lightmapping, custom colliders
- Comprehensive demo scene for testing (showcasing all 6 station styles and functionality)
- URP and HDRP shader packs are included (Unity 2019.3.7 and newer only!)
- Compatible with Urban Construction Pack

Check out functionality in the old version's video!

* You will need photoshop or Gimp to edit the text field mask. Step-by-step instructions are provided in the package.

Target platforms: PC and consoles, not recommended for mobile!

Stay tuned for updates and new products!