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Cartoon Farm - Summer

This package is suitable for farming or barn buddy games, racing games on mobile devices or social networks. New updated objects show more particular features of Summer time such as Fruit Trees and Fruit Stall. All objects are low-poly models, with high quality texture (1024x1024).

It includes more than 40 custom objects:
- Apple Trees
- Apple Cart
- Bench
- Cauldron
- Circus tent
- Dog House
- Fruit Stalls with some kinds of fruits
- 6 types of grass
- 7 brick houses + 3 wooden houses
- 3 market stalls
- Watermelon farm
- Pumpkin farm
- Maize farm
- Tree
- Windmill
- Village Pond
- 6 road pieces to combine long road

Demo scene is availble in the asset