2D Light SALE


ON SALE -50% (Ends Dec 10, Regular Price $20)


Zippy Lights 2D is a simple and easy to use 2D dynamic light system. It uses particles to enhance the lighting and create unique effects.


  • Customizable Lights.
  • Optimized Mobile.
  • Curve Animated Properties.
  • Spherized/Rounded Lights.
  • Offset Beyond Colliders To Illuminate Object.
  • Many Examples.
  • Editor Preview.
  • Falloff - simulates soft light.
  • Light duplicator - duplicate light overlays that can be rotated or scaled.

YouTube | Android APK | WebGL

Upgradable to Zippy 2D Bundle at a discount.

Compatible with Unity 5.3 up to new versions of Unity(2021+)

Support available for assistance if any problems should occur.