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Easy Character Movement OFFICIAL SALE

Easy Character Movement is a feature-rich high performance yet incredible easy to use Rigidbody based character controller.

It can be used for any kind of character, from Players to NPCs to Enemies, and for a wide range of games like, platformer, first person, third person, adventure, point and click, and more!

If you looking for an easy, efficient and flexible character controller for your next project, please let Easy Character Movement be there for you.


Rigidbody-based character controller.

Capsule-based character colliders.

• Support for steps, the character can walk (if desired) on any surface up to 89 degrees.

Variable jump height.

Configurable mid-air jumps. from 0 to unlimited.

Crouch support.

Pause / Resume character's physical interactions.

High performance, feature-rich ground detection component, capable of detect, report and query multiple grounding cases.

Flat-base capsule bottom. This avoids the situation where characters slowly lower off the side of a ledge.

Configurable ledge offset. This set how close / far a character can stand on a ledge without fall.

Ground-snap. This help to maintain the character on ground no matter how fast it is running and not launch of ramps.

Move and Rotate on dynamic platforms.

Stayon slopes.

• Keep same speed on straight and slopes.

Slide on steep slopes (if desired).

• Base controller for Agents (NavMeshAgent).

• Base controller for First-Person.

• Solid Root Motion support.

Orient to ground slopes.

Easy integration into existing projects.

• Fully commented C# source code. Clear, readable and easy to modify.

Mobile friendly.

• Garbage-Collector friendly.

• and more!

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