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Stylized Fantasy - Nature Pack With Seasons

Diminished Studios Presents
A low poly nature pack consisting of trees, rocks, plants, bushes, cliffs, various ground textures and more to add into your existing low poly projects.

The pack contains 4 variations of textures for each model and also contains 3 seasons, Summer, Autumn and Winter!

Our trees and bushes also have a stylized texture hybrid version (as well as the standard polygon style version) to suit your more stylized projects. These trees have a painted like quality to them and also come with a tree shader that moves the branches in the wind (completely configurable to your needs).

Our pack also comes with high quality low poly terrain textures which include, grass, dirt, flowers, pebbles, sand and snow. Our textures include different variants to stop texture repeats and also contains normal maps.

What you get in the pack including all variants and snow versions as of ver 1.0:
- 40 fallen branches
- 48 bushes including poly and stylized versions
- 24x cliffs
- 16x poly grass
- 64x plants including lily pads, reeds, mushrooms and various other plants
- 56 different props including bridges, signs, logs and fences
- 80 rocks including rock piles, rocks, stones and boulders
- 196 trees including polygon and stylized versions and all seasons
- 48 different ground textures to paint on the terrain.

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