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Awesome Cartoon Airplanes

Get ready to race these fun cartoon airplanes.


This package consists on on low poly cartoon airplane with four different skins. We have also provided a blank UV layout for easy editing.


The four planes have been setup as prefabs, easy to start working. Just drag and drop them into your scene. Simply drag a prefab from the prefabs folder into your scene. You can access the “engenOn” Boolean on the Plane script, this is used to turn the prop off or on. 




1. Low poly airplane - 1342 verts, 1760 tris.
2. Propeller - 91 verts, 126 tris.
3. Four textures 2048 x 2048 res.
4. Four airplane prefabs, ready to use.
5.  A demo scene is provided.


Feel free to use this airplane model for any type of project!


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cILb2eIa-jA


This package is included in this larger package: http://u3d.as/qGz


Contact me at funtechgames@gmail.com if you have questions or if you need any customization done to the models or artwork.