Advanced Polygon Collider

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Tired of other polygon collider packages generating ridiculous geometry? Look no further. Advanced Polygon Collider makes simplifying your polygon vertices fun and easy, as well as providing you with great customization options.

In a matter of seconds, you can greatly reduce the number of vertices your polygon has. Control alpha tolerance, distance tolerance and scale. Holes and islands are detected automatically, and flipX and flipY are handled. Full texture sprites or sprite sheets are supported.

Advanced Polygon Collider updates in real-time in the Unity editor, and can even update in real-time during play mode if you turn on a bool property.

All updates made during editing can be cached so that they are readily available during play mode. This is handy for things like animation where multiple polygons are needed. No need to mess with multiple polygon colliders. Performance is buttery smooth as cached polygons are simply brought in for each frame of animation automatically.

Download Advanced Polygon Collider now and save yourself a lot of time and headaches.

I'm Jeff Johnson, creator of Advanced Polygon Collider. Please send feedback and bug reports to