Tile Tool 2D

TileTool2D is a easy to use 2D tile sprite drawing system for dynamic tiles. Simply draw, erase and snap tiles directly in the scene. Tiles will dynamically change sprites while drawing so they match neighboring tiles.

Tiles can dynamically removed in run-time by using using tile functions to destroy tiles.

Includes platform and dungeon tiles, to quickly get started using the tool. Many demo scenes and well documented.


• Draw, erase and dynamically fix tiles.

• Snapping.

• Layer management.

• Supports custom sized tiles.

• Attachment system for custom colliders and other components like animated sprites.

• Sort tiles in folders.

• Preview tiles before drawing.

• Demo and example scenes.

• Includes unique tile set.

• Illustrated PDF docs.

Compatible with Unity 5.1 up to new versions of Unity(2021+)

Support available for assistance if any problems should occur.