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UMA RPG Starter Pack SALE

50% off
On Sale until August 11th

Pack contains 28 plus RPG Medieval Fantasy style Armors and Outfits for Unity Multipurpose Avatar 2 plus UMA Face Pack and UMA Hair Pack

Outfits in the pack are interchangeable

General parts are:

Maximum texture sizes are:
Armor:2048 x 2048
Body: 2048 x 2048
weapons: 1024 x 2048

Albedo, Normal, and Metallic maps

Files types included are:
Modular Slots
Modular Overlays
Modular PBR Textures
Generated assets
Help files
Color references
Skin, weapon, accessory materials

List of included assets:

M_Bod retexture vol 1
F_Bod retexture vol 1

Refits and Exclusives:

MB1 Darkelf armor
FB1 Dark elf armor
MB1 Mage
FB1 Mage
MB1 Ranger
FB1 Ranger
MB1 Fighter
FB1 Fighter
MB1 High Elf armor
FB1 High Elf armor
MB1 Wanderer
FB1 Wanderer
MB1 Poor1
MB1 Poor 2
FB1 Poor1
FB1 Poor 2
FB1 Peasant
MB1 Peasant
MB1 Bard
FB1 Maiden
MB1 Chainmail
FB1 Chainmail
MB1 Wolf Armor
FB1 Wolf Armor
Gloves of Hammer
Dragon Breastplate

UMA 2.5 DCS Wardrobe files

For the very latest Pack updates please visit: willbgameart.com Support

Update thread:

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