Easy Build System v5.2.5 OFFICIAL SALE

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Please uncheck the Project Settings case before to import the package.

Otherwise, without backup, your current project settings will be overwritten.

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Customize it to fit your exact needs, even if you aren't a programmer!

Designed to work out of the box, an easy and fast way to add building features caters to both non-programmers and professionals alike.

Includes several subsystems such as add-on system, condition system, demo interaction, demo controllers and others.

Works for games at the first person and third person views, but also for games in top down view.

Quick start in less than 10 seconds in any scene and add your any models in just a few clicks.

Support All Render Pipelines :

Upgrade the materials of the system for any render pipelines via the below links.

Upgrade your materials for URP here.

Upgrade your materials for HDRP here.

Features :

• Constantly updated.

• Mobile ready.

• Documentation & Tutorials.

• Ready to use, highly configurable and expandable.

• Intuitive advanced inspectors for each component.

• Support three modes (placement, destruction, edition).

• Support Unity/Voxeland terrain and any custom build surfaces.

• Support first person, third person and top down view.

• Cross-Platform Input (PC, Android, Mac, Linux, WebGL).

• Socket based & attachment type.

• Build limitation with build areas.

• Save and load system for building data.

• Grid snapping with custom grid size.

• Add-ons system to expend any components of the system.

• Advanced and scalable conditions system.

• Blueprint system to work with your building in the editor.

• Includes many demo scenes and free add-ons, Overview & Add-ons Overview.

• Integrations with the most popular assets, Integrations Overview.

• Complete docs, tutorials, support, full source code included.

Integrations :

Game Kit Controller

Game Creator

Opsive Third Person Controller

Invector Third Person Controller


Photon Network V2





Inventory Pro

Refund Policy:

We don't offer refunds because even if we refund your money, there is no way for you to return the asset and code.

Before buying if you've any questions or concerns contact us!