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2021.3.27 or above

The Essential Level Design Plugin for Unity
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🎥 GSpawn Trailer

Get started with GSpawn video tutorials:
🎥 Intro (Part 1) (Getting Started with Modular Environments)
🎥 Intro (Part 2) (Getting Started with Outdoor Environments)
🎥 Building a Village Interior
🎥 Building Catacombs
🎥 Modular Walls & Pillars (Synty Studios Dungeon Assets)
🎥 Decoration Rules (Modular Environment Decoration)
🎥 Scatter Brush
🎥 Tile Rules (Part 1) (Prefab Creation & Tile Rule Setup)
🎥 Tile Rules (Part 2) (Painting Tiles)
🎥 Tile Rules (Part 3) (Platforms & Ramps)
🎥 Tile Rules (Part 4) (Connect Tool)

What is GSpawn - Level Designer?
GSpawn - Level Designer is a cutting-edge software product seamlessly integrated with the Unity Editor which allows you to bring your environments to life with an extensive array of features and a user-friendly interface.

Main Features:
• 3D Tile Rules (with Ramp & Platform support)
• Decoration Rules (extract decoration info from demo scenes for quick prop/decor placement)
• Curve Spawn (spawn objects along curves, create fences, forests and the like, edit, move, rotate, duplicate, insert control points, multiple lanes, padding, randomization, jittering)
• Modular Snapping (snap modular prefabs to grid, grid snap climb, move objects up & down, snap grid to object under cursor, multistory environments, object-to-object snap)
• Modular Walls (with or without Inner & Outer Corner detection, pillar support)
• Physics Spawn (realtime or instant, drop height, drop radius, rotation randomization)
• Props Spawn (axis alignment, embed in surface, offset from surface, drag spawn, prefab randomization, scale & rotation randomization)
• Rotate Objects with Mouse & Keyboard
• Scale Objects with Mouse
• Prefab Replacement (quickly swap prefab instances in the scene)
• Object Groups (scene organization)
• Prefab Management (organize your prefabs in libraries, copy/move prefabs between libraries, create library profiles, search by name, filters)
• Scatter Brush (rotation & scale randomization, control volume radius, axis alignment, slope check, spawn chance)
• Tile Tools (Segments & Box Spawn - integer patterns for creating interesting tile patterns, fill modes, height modes, prefab randomization, project objects on terrains, overlap detection)
• Mirroring/Symmetry (supports mirroring along a maximum of 3 mirror planes at once)
• Selection Tools (Rectangle, Selection Segments & Selection Box)
• Transform Gizmos (move, rotate, scale, universal)
• Extrude Gizmo
• Erase Tools (erase cursor, 2D & 3D erase brushes, erase masks)
• Configurable Shortcuts
• ... and MUCH more!

The following assets were used in screenshots, trailer and tutorial videos and are NOT included with the GSpawn - Level Designer plugin:
Multistory Dungeons by Mana Station
Village Interiors Kit by 3DForge
POLYGON Dungeons - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty by Synty Studios
Medieval Environment Pack by Manufactura K4
Fantastic Village Pack by Tidal Flask Studios
Voxel Blocks Pack by Tsunoa
Toon Forest Pack by Cat on the Roof


📧 Support e-mail: | Forum