Koreographer Professional Edition OFFICIAL SALE

Koreographer Professional Edition™ simplifies the process of synchronizing gameplay to music in your video game. Its simple editing interface allows you to map rhythms, beats, notes, volume, and other dynamics of the music to events in the game. Koreographer can be used to create rhythm games, make any game more cinematic, enhance game environments with music, and create new controls and music-driven gameplay.

Rapidly create a game with rhythm-based gameplay

Author lip syncing for your audio with ease

Create subtitles to audio files with precision timing

Tie game parameters to MIDI events and data

Use the "Analyze" button to automatically generate Koreography!

Synchronized multi-layer audio playback support out of the box!

Supports all major runtime environments, including mobile, console, and VR platforms

Completely functional Karaoke and Rhythm Game demos included!

Integration with the Wwise* audio engine!

Integration with the FMOD Studio* audio engine!

Integration with the Fabric audio engine!

Integration with the SECTR Audio editor extension!

Integration with the Master Audio editor extension!

Integration with the PlayMaker™ visual scripting system!

* [Contact us for access.]

The Koreographer Professional Edition™ editor extension contains the editor tool, MIDI Converter, documentation, demo content, lightweight runtime, sample song with sample Koreography, and access to source code upon request.

Looking for music? Check out the Build It Up music pack! It even comes with pre-made Koreography!

Need compatibility with legacy versions of Unity? Koreographer Professional Edition™ supports Unity 4.5.0+. Please contact us for access.

Koreographer Professional Edition™ was a Unity Awards 2016 Asset Store Award Runner-up!


Music-driven lighting in Disco Dodgeball

Music-driven gameplay in r.e.B.E.R.t.h.

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