Cartoon FX 2 Remaster

Cartoon FX 2 Remaster is the new version of Cartoon FX Pack 2, with brand new effects remade from scratch.

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50+ high quality stylized special effects prefabs! (+ dozens variants)

Includes lots of general purpose effects: explosions, eerie (skulls, ghosts...), fire, blood/liquid splashes, magic, electricity, item pickups, emojis...

✨ WebGL DEMO ✨

🎞️ MP4 Gallery with individual effects 🎞️

  • Works on both mobile and desktop/consoles
  • Works in 2D and 3D
  • Works with the built-in and URP (2D & Forward Renderers) pipelines
  • Optimized custom shader with lots of effects (UV distortion, dissolve, shadows, lit particles...)
  • Camera shake and animated lights, with in-Scene View preview
  • HDR effects that play nicely with bloom post processing
  • Customizable cartoon text effects
  • Includes Cartoon FX Easy Editor to create color and other variations in a few clicks
  • Overdraw/fill-rate optimizations using custom particle meshes