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Gnome Engineer

Specs - Roughly 3k vertices and 6k tris. - One material, 1024x1024 diffuse and normal maps - Generic rig, animations included. - Character controller mechanics not included. - Low Poly VR Friendly.

Gnome Engineer
- Rigged and animated. Currently set to Generic animation type, however the model is Humanoid compatible.
- Facially rigged and animated.
- Twenty one animations included: Attack, Cheer, Clap, Death, Greet, Idle1, Idle2, Idle_battle, Laugh, Run, Take_damage, Take_heavy_damage, Talk1, Talk2, Walk, Work1, Work1_idle, Work1_stop, Work2, Work2_idle, Work2_stop.
- The work animations include actions like hammering or fixing/tinkering - things that an engineer might do. Between the work, work_idles, and work_stop animations the character would involve kneeling down, working, and getting back up.
- No 'NPC' or player interaction/control scripts included.