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Residential Buildings Pack

This set contains 30 different USA style residential homes (exteriors), 30 garages (1 for each), a small-town chapel, modular road system, props, modular driveways, a total of 109 prefabs in the bundle.

- Draw call friendly texture atlasing
- PBR materials (metallic workflow)
- Modular road system (intersections, dead end, driveway, with/without marking)
- Custom colliders and lightmap support for all meshes
- Essential suburban props (modular fence, mailbox, trashcan, etc.)
- Two set up demo scenes: day and night
- URP and HDRP shader upgraders are included!

Prefab count: 109

The package offers 5 house types - each has 6 different models.

Stay tuned for updates and new products!

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