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Fantasy Medieval Interiors

This Environment is a Complete Set of Level for a Style on Fantasy Medieval Game. Create "Fantasy Medieval Interiors" Demo or Chapter Scenes Such as: Castle and Throne Room, Library,WareHouse,Tavern & Inn etc...
This Environment you can build to different types of Games Such as First Person,Third Person,Top-Down, RPG, MMORPG and Adventure Style.

Package Contains Over 675+ Prefabs of:
- Walls,Grounds,Stairs,Doors
- Books,Lamp,Scaffold,Railling
- Furniture(Table,Chair,Drawer,Shelves etc..)
- Beds,Vessels,Pot,Pillow,Doors
- Decals,Bottle,Basket,WardRobe
- Carpets,Curtains,Covers,Cloth
- Crates,Barrels,Shields etc...
- Some Particles
- PBR materials equipped with High Quality Textures for Diffuses, Normals, Specs, Emission & AO maps
- 2 Demo and 4 Chapter Scenes

Video 1 || Video 2
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