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MQ-9 Reaper

This MQ-9 Reaper is suitable for PC and mobile use, providing support for both standard Unity 4 shaders and all the textures required for Unity 5's Physically Based Rendering and dynamic GI.

The mesh has separate landing gear, missiles and propellers which can be enabled and rotated via code, to give full control over in-flight and grounded versions of the asset. The landing gear is animated to raise and lower. This package also contains a lower poly version of the mesh.

The package has been fully tested and set-up in Unity 5, before combining the assets in Unity 4.

Poly Count: 7,855 triangles
Poly Count (low poly version): 4,477 triangles


- Standard Unity 4 bumped specular shaders that work on PC and mobile.
- Separate animated landing gear for in-flight and landing assets.
- Separate missiles and missile pylons.
- Two models: a high and low poly version.
- Asset prefab provided so you can 'drag and drop' into your game.
- 2048 textures for diffuse w/gloss, albedo, ao, metalness and normal maps.

Screenshots taken using Unity 5