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Toon Effects Maker: Special FX creation & control SALE

Toon Effects Maker is a complete framework that allows the easy & creative composition of new effects in Unity. The system is compatible with Shuriken and all Unity platforms.

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Toon Effects Maker Demo
Sprite Sheet Maker Demo

Multiple advanced tools allow the creation of sprite sheets from any animated item, motion recording and playback, advanced aura effects & dynamic control, easy exchange of individual properties between particles or inherit from the 200+ effects library & much more.
A complete Toon Ocean system is also included, that allows the easy creation of stunning dynamic oceans or water, ice or lava.


- Effect Maker, for the easy creation of effects, using the extensive included library to copy properties from, the scaling of particle speed & size and the addition of dynamic light, text and sound features.
- Projectile system, for automatic handling of physics, collisions and impact effects spawn
- Toon Ocean, an advanced procedural ocean creation module, with complete scripted control over the time of day coloration, weather conditions and wave shape & speed. Shader based for maximum performance.
- Sprite Sheet generator, for the easy and automated creation of sprite sheets from any object in the scene.
- Motion recorder, for recording paths and playing back at run time, with multiple path combination possibilities.
- Aura system, with ground conformation and advanced particle control for radial emission and rotation.
- Particle Icons system, for multiple possibilities on the rotation & control of particle icons.
- Toon Particle Shaders, special shaders that can give particles a toon like appearance and borders.
- Beam system, with reflection handling.
- Procedural dome shields, with impact ripples.
- Extensive library with more than 200 pre-made effects, ready to use or to copy properties from.

Unity 5 ready

The framework is written in C# code and the source code is provided.

Effect creation guide | Fire effects
Water effects | Nature, Air & Other effects

If you have any requests for new features or feedback and for Mobile demos, please visit the Unity forum thread.

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