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Badlands Music Pack 1

Badlands Music Pack 1 is the perfect companion to Badlands Music Pack 2, packed with a hybrid of western, industrial and electronica-styled music, included are ambient tracks perfect for driving around in a post apocalyptic wasteland and tension tracks designed for combating hordes of mutants. The main tracks are broken down into sub loops to give the user a broader spectrum of music. Fading tracks are also included, these are perfect for game trailers and youtube videos.


Tracks included:

1. Empty World - Full Loop Version

--Empty World - Full Fade Version

--Empty World - Ambient Loop

--Empty World - Tension Loop

2. Sun Down - Full Loop Version

--Sun Down - Full Fade Version

--Sun Down - Ambient Loop

--Sun Down - Tension Loop 1

--Sun Down - Tension Loop 2

--Sun Down - Tension Loop 3

3. Hangem High - Full Loop Version

--Hangem High - Full Fade Version

--Hangem High - Ambient Loop

--Hangem High - Tension Loop 1

--Hangem High - Tension Loop 2

--Hangem High - Tension Loop 3

4. Scorched Land - Full Loop Version

--Scorched Land - Full Fade Version

--Scorched Land - Ambient Loop 1

--Scorched Land - Ambient Loop 2

--Scorched Land - Tension Loop 1

--Scorched Land - Tension Loop 2

--Scorched Land - Tension Loop 3

5. Barter Town - Full Loop Version

--Barter Town - Full Fade Version

--Barter Town - Ambient Loop 1

--Barter Town - Ambient Loop 2

--Barter Town - Ambient Loop 3

--Barter Town - Tension Loop 1

--Barter Town - Tension Loop 2

--Barter Town - Tension Loop 3

6. Pull The Trigger - Full Loop Version

--Pull The Trigger - Full Fade Version

--Pull The Trigger - Ambient Loop

--Pull The Trigger - Tension Loop 1

--Pull The Trigger - Tension Loop 2

--Pull The Trigger - Tension Loop 3
7. Western Apocalypse - Full Fade Version


All audio files are .wav 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo.