Nature Renderer 6・Pro

Render vast amounts of detailed vegetation.

Nature Renderer improves the quality of your vegetation rendering by replacing Unity's default terrain detail and tree system. Everything works with your existing data: use the same grass, vegetation, and trees and keep your existing terrains. We just level-up your renderer.


Unity Verified Solution

Nature Renderer is trusted by over 25,000 developers and is a Unity Verified Solution Partner. You can expect a polished and well-optimized plugin, with extensive documentation.

Supports all render pipelines

All render pipelines are supported out-of-the-box and do not require any additional setup.

Easy Setup

Just add the Nature Renderer component to your terrain and everything works instantly. Any incompatible assets or shaders can be automatically patched to work with Nature Renderer.

Source Code Included

The full source code for Nature Renderer is included. 

Demo Scene Included

The demo scene and all assets shown in the screenshots are included.


ⓘ You are currently looking at Nature Renderer 6, which is a perpetual license that is only compatible with Unity 6 LTS.

More licensing info can be found at the end of this description.

ⓘ Before purchasing, please make sure to check the Supported Unity Versions, and to read our Refund Policy and Support Policy.



Lightning Fast Performance

The entire render pipeline of Nature Renderer runs on the GPU to ensure fast performance and to free up your CPU to run game logic.

Frustum Culling

Nature Renderer accurately culls your vegetation to only render the objects that are within the view of the camera. The culling is calculated on the GPU for the best performance and accurate results.

Per-Object Settings

Tweak all render settings for each object separately. Change the render distance, shadow distance, density, and more to optimize performance.

Per-Camera Settings

Override render settings for specific cameras or exclude cameras completely.

Accurate Motion Vectors

Nature Renderer can render accurate motion vectors for your vegetation to support Motion Blur, Temporal Anti-Aliasing, and other temporal effects.

Profiling and Debugging

A custom profiler is included to accurately measure the performance of Nature Renderer on the GPU, with a breakdown for each individual object and camera.

Tree Rendering

Nature Renderer now renders both trees and detail objects. With separately optimized render pipelines for both.

Render Manually-Placed Objects

Nature Renderer can now render game objects in the same lightning fast render pipeline. Perfect for placing vegetation on rocks, cliffs, and other uneven surfaces that are not

supported by the terrain system.


Use Level-of-Detail on your vegetation to render extremely detailed objects while maintaining good performance.


Enable shadows for grass, plants, and other vegetation. Shadow distance and settings can be easily adjusted for each individual object.

Physically Based Rendering

Get accurate lighting and more detail on your grass, vegetation, and terrain details. You can use full PBR shaders on your detail objects, such as the default Lit shader or any custom shader.

Dynamic Density

Nature Renderer dynamically reduces the density of your vegetation in the distance to optimize performance and reduce overdraw.

Align to terrain

Align your grass and objects to the terrain surface. No more floating grass or objects clipping through the terrain.

Familiar Tools

Use Unity's default terrain, detail, and tree editing tools. No need to change your workflow.

Live Editing

Results show both in edit-mode and at runtime. And all changes to your terrain are updated immediately.

Floating Origin

Nature Renderer supports floating origin for vast open worlds. It only requires one line of code and does not impact performance.

Multiple Cameras

Nature Renderer supports rendering vegetation for multiple cameras. With easy per-camera settings to optimize performance for each camera. Including reflection cameras and reflection probes.

Multiple Terrains

Nature Renderer handles multiple terrains seamlessly and optimizes draw calls accross terrains.

Optimized Memory Usage

Nature Renderer compressess all its data to minize the memory usage on the GPU.

Data-Oriented Design

Nature Renderer is optimized for high-performance code by laying out its internal data for efficient memory access.

Custom Shaders

Use any custom shader for your terrain details to achieve special effects. Custom shaders can be automatically patched to add support for Nature Renderer's GPU based render pipeline. No need to dig around shader source code, it's all automatic.

Shader Graph

Add the included custom node to your shader graph to easily add support for Nature Renderer's GPU based render pipeline.


Optimized for VR and single-pass instanced rendering.



This version of Nature Renderer is a perpetual license for use with Unity 6.

Available Licenses

Perpetual License

A perpetual license is a permanent license that can be used forever and is purchased once. Minor updates are included for free but major updates are a paid upgrade.

For example, upgrading from Nature Renderer 2021 to Nature Renderer 2022 is a paid upgrade.


Customer support is not included with your purchase. If you are experiencing any issues, please file a bug report.


We make a major upgrade for Nature Renderer every year for new major Unity versions. (2022, 2023, 6...)

Third-Party Licenses

Some demo assets are included under the Unity Companion License. The licensing information is included in the relevant folders.