PolygonCharacters-ChineseStyle FemaleGenerals

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Characters (x9)

Character_Female Generals_CWJ,Character_Female Generals_GYP,Character_Female Generals_LS,Character_Female Generals_SSX,Character_Female Generals_WY,Character_Female Generals_XC,Character_Female Generals_XQ,Character_Female Generals_YY,Character_Female Generals_ZCH.

(3 skin color variations,Multiple replacement colors)

Weapons (x10)

Weapon_Crossbow,Weapon_Double Hammer,Weapon_Gloves,Weapon_Iron hook,Weapon_Iron Rod,Weapon_Long Sword,Weapon_Ring Knife,Weapon_Shield,Weapon_Spear,Weapon_ThreeStrand Fork.

his pack contains 9 character , 10 Weapon

The texture size is (1024 x 1024) and the file format is PNG,It is using 1 diffuse texture map.

Number of diffuse texture map(Including color change):13

Number of Metallic Map: 1

Material is using Unity's URP/Lit shader.

Low poly, Polycount:

9 character

Character_Female Generals_CWJ: 4404 triangles

Character_Female Generals_GYP: 3993 triangles

Character_Female Generals_LS: 4700 triangles

Character_Female Generals_SSX:5751 triangles

Character_Female Generals_WY:5559 triangles

Character_Female Generals_XC:4890 triangles

Character_Female Generals_XQ: 3889 triangles

Character_Female Generals_YY: 4462 triangles

Character_Female Generals_ZCH:4713 triangles

9 Weapon

Weapon_Crossbow:512 triangles

Weapon_Double Hammer:520 triangles

Weapon_Gloves:582 triangles

Weapon_Iron hook:298 triangles

Weapon_Iron Rod:202 triangles

Weapon_Long Sword:322 triangles

Weapon_Ring Knife:652 triangles

Weapon_Shield:380 triangles

Weapon_Spear: 240 triangles

Weapon_ThreeStrand Fork: 466 triangles



-Characters are setup to work with Mecanim-

Animation Type: Humanoid

The character poses in the promotional images are for reference only.

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