Modular Medieval Fantasy Town and Castle

Welcome to our 'Modular Medieval Fantasy Town and Castle' asset pack! This comprehensive set is designed to help you build rich and detailed medieval fantasy environments. Whether you're creating a grand castle, a bustling village, or a quiet countryside, this pack provides the modular pieces you need to bring your vision to life.

The pack includes a variety of modular components such as walls, floors, roofs, windows, doors, and decorative props. Each piece is meticulously designed to ensure compatibility and seamless integration, allowing for endless customization and creativity. The assets are optimized for both the Default Render Pipeline and the Universal Render Pipeline, ensuring high performance and visual fidelity across different project settings.

As a special bonus, we have included a detailed painting model with its own unique texture, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your medieval scenes.

Key Features:

  • Detailed modular pieces for castles and houses
  • A wide range of props and decorative items
  • Bonus painting model with unique texture
  • over 1600 prefabs for extensive customization
  • Optimized for both Default and Universal Render Pipelines
  • Three example scenes: SceneCastle, SceneHouses, and SceneParts

Included Scenes:

  • SceneCastle: An example assembly of a grand castle
  • SceneHouses: A collection of various houses to showcase different assembly possibilities
  • SceneParts: Displays nearly all included prefabs for easy reference and selection

Bring your medieval fantasy projects to life with our versatile and high-quality asset pack!