Cyberpunk/Dark Sci-Fi Music Pack

Hey, I'm DrumPierre and I've been a drummer and a gamer for over 15 years. I've been writing music for a long while too.

Enjoy this collection of 10 looping tracks around 3 minutes each for 31:30 minutes of music. You can listen to them here:

They will fit games with a Cyberpunk, Dark Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic or Industrial aesthetic. The music is influenced by Synthwave and Metal in the style of Perturbator (Hotline Miami OST).

They will fit better intense action moments in your game but the tracks offer a large palette of moods from retro 80's to bombastic Metal fighting music and groovy laid back rock.

As a bonus you will also find in this pack:

- a collection of 10 stingers to punctuate key moments of the player's experience (see list below), written to be cohesive with the music

- a collection of 31 sound effects with uses for menus, ambiant noises, NPCs, combat...they fit the same aesthetics as the music

You can listen to them here:

Note: In the future, I will make ambience and SFX packs and I will take the stingers and SFX away from this pack. It is a temporary bonus for early buyers!

I hope you will enjoy my music!

Feel free to contact me for custom music requests :)