Jet Fighter - Game Creator Collection OFFICIAL SALE

Samples are created with URP but 3d models and sounds can be used on any pipeline!

Models, effects, sounds and scripts to start to create your jet fighter game.

Please see the WebGL demo here: DEMO

Sample APK is here: APK

Please see the documentation HERE

- 12 aircratfs models and an aircraft carrier model

- 4K clean textures for aircrafts (Diffuse/Normal/Roughness)

- Aircrafts are ~40K poly each and carrier is 60K poly. They are all suitable for mobile, PC and console

- Separated parts for rudders, elevators, ailerons, flaps and landing gears

- Ready to use prefabs for aircrafts (Loaded, Empty and Fly states)

- Jet engine and missile (fire-smoke) particle effects

- High quality sounds including jet engine, alert, warning, flap, cannon, machine gun, rocket etc.

- Ready prefabs for more than 15 missiles and bombs

- Scaled for real world size

IMPORTANT: If not described above, other models, scripts, shaders or demo scenes are not included in the package (like sea etc.)