Cylinder Collider v2


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v2.1 update [2024-05-03]

Due to structural changes, version 2.1 is not compatible with previous versions. If you are using version 2.0 or lower, please remove it before importing the new version.



1. Super easy to use. It can be used in the same way as any other collider.

2. Included Collider API. (sharedMaterial, isTrigger, direction, Raycast(), ClosestPoint... etc)

3. Of course, you can change variables at runtime as well.

4. Pipe shape of cylinder collider included.

5. TorusCollider included.

6. Size can be changed using the gizmo.

🟢🟢How to Use🟢🟢

Usage is very simple.

It shares the same interface with other collider components in Unity.

The difference is only 2 variables.

- Resolution : Determines the number of sub BoxColliders that make up CylinderCollider. The higher the value, the closer it is to a true cylinder.

- Shape : You can select cylinder shape or pipe shape.

You can change all veriables in runtime. Just use it as if any other collider.