RollUp, Swing Effects - URP

The rolling up shader can be used to simulate the curling of scrolls or the rolling of fabric, while the swinging shader can depict the movement of fabric fluttering in the wind.


1. Rolling Shader

  • Effortlessly roll up objects to mimic the behavior of paper or fabric.
  • Dynamic shader effects that simulate the rolling motion.

2. Swinging Shader

  • Create flags and other materials that sway gracefully in the wind.

3. Shader Graph Integration

  • Both shaders are built using Unity's Shader Graph for a seamless integration.
  • Key functionalities such as rolling and swinging are crafted as subgraphs, allowing for easy expansion into other Shader Graph projects.

4. C# Scripting Support

  • Accompanying C# scripts are provided for full control over the rolling and swinging parameters.
  • Interface with ease to adjust the behavior of your materials programmatically.

"Roll Up, Swing Effect" is your go-to plugin for adding dynamic material interactions to your Unity projects. With its powerful yet easy-to-use features, bring your scenes to life with the simplicity of shader effects and the power of C# scripting.