8-Bit Legend - Game Music Pack - Adventure, Chiptune, 8-Bit, NES, RPG BGM OFFICIAL SALE

From normal heroes who want to save the princess, to talking animals that need to bring justice to a kingdom. 8-BIT LEGEND is made for those stories that we all love.

What’s Inside:

– 13 original high-quality music
– 13 original high-quality music loops
– 26 total files


01 - Overworld 
02 - Overworld (Alternative Version) 
03 - Back to Hunting 
04 - Battle Theme 
05 - Battle Theme 2 
06 - Shio (Shop Theme) 
07 - Shio (Shop Theme) (Alternative Version) 
08 - The Tallest Tower 
09 - Time Time Time 
10 - Time Time Time (Alternative Version) 
11 - Back to Hunting (Alternative Version) 
12 - Save or Die 
13 - Save Or Die (Alternative Version)

With this Game Music/Soundtrack pack, you also:

– Sound Great in Any Device: All music themes and stingers are fully mixed and mastered so they sound great in any device that your game is played.

– Avoid Incongruent Volumes: All themes and stingers are mastered to reach a fully congruent volume within the full soundtrack.

– Repeat Music Seamlessly: All music themes are fully loop-able, so you can repeat the music in the game seamlessly.

About Composer:

Lufus is a music producer, composer who has made the Original Soundtrack of multi-million games like:

– Parchisi Star Online (50 Million Downloads)

– Pixel Car Racer (10 Million Downloads)

– Drift Clash (5 Million Downloads) and more

Support & Help:

If you need help downloading this soundtrack/music pack, feel free to reach out to iamlufus@gmail.com